Life’s a Cup of Tea is on Youtube! + Boston Bohea pekoe black tea review

Life’s a Cup of Tea is on Youtube! + Boston Bohea pekoe black tea review

Hello followers! A special announcement. This week Life's a Cup of Tea made its Youtube Debut!  In my first video, I introduce myself, talk about my love of tea and my cats make an appearance! Youtube is something I've wanted to break into for a while, so I just took a leap and am hoping for [...]

‘A Regal Corgi Tea Party’ celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s 63-year reign

Let's take a moment to appreciate the internet, and Youtube. Before their existence, we wouldn't have access to wonderful, adorable animal videos 24/7, whenever we need to see them. I love puppies and kittens, and I love tea. So when I saw Mashable's 'A Real Corgi Tea Party,' show up as a suggested video for me [...]

Cutest of the week: ‘Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos’

If you haven't already seen this moment of miniature adorableness, the latest cute video to take Youtube by storm is "Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos," from HelloDenizen. Published two days ago, the name pretty much tells you what is coming next-- a charming clip of some hamsters having a tasty Mexican snack prepared just for [...]

Cutest of the week: ‘Jump Kittens Jump’

No matter what kind of week you are having, it’s always important to take a break and appreciate some cuteness. Who doesn’t like to watch some adorable jumping kittens? Youtube user DrNWorb, whose channel mainly consists of cat videos set to music, uploaded this adorable clip this week, which involves some lively felines having fun. While we [...]