Tea review Tuesdays: Teavana’s Sencha Jade Reserve green tea

Last weekend, my friend Clare and I took a trip to Teavana to check out their big annual sale. I ended up stocking up on one of my favorites, Oprah's chai blend, as well as something new — a green tea. Though I am a big tea lover, I've never really purchased loose green tea, [...]

6 ways to feel better quickly in times of stress

Lately, life hasn't been so easy. And when things get hard, it's easy to fall in a slump and wallow. But with a little motivation and persistence, you can keep positive in the hard times. Whether the holidays are getting overwhelming, or you are dealing with any kind of hardship, it's important to take care [...]

Tazo Organic Spicy Ginger: a rooibos tea with a bite

There's something about the taste of ginger and citrus-- it's a tasty blend. Tazo's Organic Spicy Ginger meshes those flavors with lemon verbena, chamomile, fennel and licorice, to blend with a smooth green rooibos tea. The combination is tasty, a full flavor that stays with you after each sip. To prepare this tea, boil water, [...]