Tea review Tuesday: Tazo Chocolate Chai

As you probably already know if you've checked out my past tea reviews, I have a thing for chai teas. I've tried many a chai, from the traditional black chai teas to the rooibos and even green. But recently I stumbled upon Tazo's Chai Chocolate, and wondered what it would taste like. Tazo has a [...]

Tazo Organic Spicy Ginger: a rooibos tea with a bite

There's something about the taste of ginger and citrus-- it's a tasty blend. Tazo's Organic Spicy Ginger meshes those flavors with lemon verbena, chamomile, fennel and licorice, to blend with a smooth green rooibos tea. The combination is tasty, a full flavor that stays with you after each sip. To prepare this tea, boil water, [...]