Cutest of the week: Kittens and Puppies have a merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from Life's a Cup of Tea! Watch these kittens and puppies get in the Christmas spirit, running around and playing, then meeting Santa. There's too much adorableness packed into this video.

Tea review Tuesdays: Davidson’s Raspberry Cream Caramel herbal dessert tea

People who know me know I love tea. It's my non-alcoholic beverage of choice (with coffee following up in a close second). I've done many tea reviews, and have decided to make it a weekly feature on Life's a Cup of Tea. From now on, each week I will sample and discuss a new tea [...]

eShakti offers beautiful items with ‘the perfect fit’

Looking for the right fit is often a challenge. It's what makes shopping difficult. No matter your body type — thin, curvy or somewhere in between — finding the perfect fit is a rarity. So when eShakti contacted me about reviewing one of their dresses, I worried that it might not fit properly, but then [...]

Boho-chic: how to wear hippie-inspired apparel

At the first Woodstock Music Festival in 1969, people gathered to celebrate and enjoy life, dressed in patterned and fringy clothing made from comfortable materials. They seemed carefree, and made a statement both in politics and fashion. Today's answer to that is Coachella, and looking on social media, the street styles have changed a little, [...]

Cutest of the week: ‘Jump Kittens Jump’

No matter what kind of week you are having, it’s always important to take a break and appreciate some cuteness. Who doesn’t like to watch some adorable jumping kittens? Youtube user DrNWorb, whose channel mainly consists of cat videos set to music, uploaded this adorable clip this week, which involves some lively felines having fun. While we [...]

Grape Wulong Oolong: a sweet, springy tea

My desire for warmer weather was subtly fulfilled this week with the release of Teavana's spring tea collection. New flavors include Jeju Island Green Tea from Korea, the citrusy Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long Green Tea, the sweet-smelling Marshmallow Macaron Herbal tea and Grape Wulong Oolong. While all of the flavors were enticing, I decided to try [...]

Tea review: Tazo Zen

Tea review: Tazo Zen

Lately I've been feeling somewhat stressed, so I decided to try a new tea designed for relaxation. While at Whole Foods, I spotted Tazo's Zen, which is "a harmonious blend of green tea with lemongrass & spearmint." I've tried other sleepy and calming teas, but this one is my favorite so far. The flavor is [...]