Trip to Petoskey + my first Airbnb experience

Trip to Petoskey + my first Airbnb experience

Northern Michigan makes me so happy. The wooded landscape and slower pace of life is wonderful, as are the cute little towns. This was my first time visiting Petoskey, and my first time going to an Airbnb. Though we were only up north for two nights, we had a great time. I was a little [...]

Find the wildflowers in life

2015 has been the hardest year I've had to face. I'm still grieving my mother. But tea, good people and nature, have helped me travel down the difficult road ahead. I've set some goals for myself — to ride my bike and walk/hike a total of 500 miles over the summer, in effort to help [...]

Cutest of the week: Red Pandas are Having Snow Much Fun

Even though it's starting to warm up, it's ok to still appreciate the fun that winter weather can bring -- it's clear that these animals appreciate it. While I'm ecstatic at the idea of snow melting away, it really is an amazing thing -- this white blanket that can transform any place into something almost [...]