A week in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

A week in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Ahh, Michigan. What a beautiful state. We just got back to Indiana on Sunday after a weeklong trek to our home state. After visiting my dad for a bit last weekend in Detroit, we traveled all the up and over the Mackinac Bridge to Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. Then we went south to visit Damien's [...]

Tea Review: Goldfish Tea’s “First Love” (featuring the Octeapus)

Even though I can't go there everyday, the comforts of Goldfish Tea are here with me in Indiana, as I enjoy their First Love Black Tea. I got this the last time I stopped in for a cuppa, having tried it before and enjoyed it. This loose-leaf tea reminds me of other black teas I've [...]

How to survive the winter

It's that time of year again. The sun disappears, temperatures are often subzero and the ground is constantly covered and recovered with the white fluffy stuff. Winter is here, and unless you are a very warm blooded pro-skier, or live in the sunshine state, you'll probably spend a lot of time indoors. Wondering what to [...]

Sweater weather

Chilly breezes and snowy skies can only mean one thing-- it's sweater weather. This time of year, there's nothing better than bundling up with a nice cozy sweater, comfy boots and drinking a hot cup of tea. Stores are stocking up on more and more sweaters as the holiday season approaches, and with the variety [...]