‘Dress’-ing up

Sometimes you just don't want to wear pants. Sure, pants are a necessity to any wardrobe. But when you want to look extra cute or stay comfortable throughout the day-- a skirt or dress might be the answer. Mid-length is great for transitioning from casual to fashionable when going from day to night. This kind [...]

The lacy look

The lacy look

As the spring gets closer, the weather gets warmer, and the time comes to dress lighter. When worn right, lace and crocheted looks can be feminine and chic-- especially in pastel hues. Try out one of these styles to add interest to an ordinary look. Stores like Banana Republic, Forever 21, Sears and Target are [...]

Dreaming of denim

One of fall's biggest trends is denim. Carried over from last summer, the look still remains a hit in many stores, where shelves are stocked with denim button-downs and jackets. Options for denim are endless. Layer your favorite summer-style denim items for a stylish look, wear a comfy denim button-down for effortless style or add [...]