Tea lover’s gift guide

Tea lover’s gift guide

Since I am a self-proclaimed tea lover, I have to talk about tea-themed gifts this month! There are so many fun teas, tea gear and tea-themed items out there, so I'm going to share some of my favorite tea gifts I've gotten over the years, as well as things on my tea wishlist. 1. Whimsical tea strainers [...]

Tea review Tuesdays: Davidson’s Raspberry Cream Caramel herbal dessert tea

People who know me know I love tea. It's my non-alcoholic beverage of choice (with coffee following up in a close second). I've done many tea reviews, and have decided to make it a weekly feature on Life's a Cup of Tea. From now on, each week I will sample and discuss a new tea [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day: Looks, gift ideas and treats for February 14

Valentine's Day is only a week away, but that doesn't mean it is too late to get ready for the big day. Stores are still celebrating with cute displays and fun sales, and there are a lot of great gifts (for that special someone, or even yourself!), many festive fashions and romantic makeup out there [...]