Cutest of the week: “Cute munchkin baby kitten talks too much”

This week's Cutest of the Week features a cute little fluffy munchkin cat who has a lot to say. Is he hungry? Annoyed? Wants to play? We will never know. The munchkin cat is a newer breed of cat, according to Wikipedia. Similar to the body of a corgi, this feline's short legs were caused [...]

Cutest of the week: “Kitten Meets Hedgehog”

Does it get any cuter than this? An unexpected friendship builds between two different animals in this video from TheSorryGirls when a kitten and baby hedgehog meet up. The hedgehog seems shy, and while he is prickly, the eager and curious kitten does not give up. Set to an acoustic cover of "You've Got a Friend [...]

Cutest of the week: ‘Jump Kittens Jump’

No matter what kind of week you are having, it’s always important to take a break and appreciate some cuteness. Who doesn’t like to watch some adorable jumping kittens? Youtube user DrNWorb, whose channel mainly consists of cat videos set to music, uploaded this adorable clip this week, which involves some lively felines having fun. While we [...]