Tea review: Rooibos vanilla chai

Tea review: Rooibos vanilla chai

Happy Halloween! When I was little, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. I loved getting dress up and waiting for it to get dark so I could go door-to-door asking for candy. This afternoon I enjoyed some tea and a scary book, but tonight I have to work. Adulting sure isn't as fun as [...]

A friend for Freedom

Everyday I'm starting to look like more of a crazy cat lady. I wear cats on my clothes, and share more cat videos and photos on social media than I probably should. But I can't help what I am, I love animals, especially of the feline variety. I wrote in the past about my rescue [...]

Chicago Cat Rescue’s 8th Annual Sexy Black Benefit

I'm sure most people who know me know I love cats a lot (they probably think I'm bordering being a crazy cat lady — and they wouldn't be wrong). Ever since I can remember I've loved kitties, and after recently adopting Freedom and starting volunteer work with my local humane society, I really fell for black [...]