On my mind

11036266_10205352476359134_6151363754568132133_nAn ode to my mom

To my readers, I wanted to share why I haven’t written in a while. A month ago I lost someone very close to me — my mother. Mom was my best friend, but cancer took her away from me at the young age of 55.



The Butterfly

Down-time and sick time lately following graduation has left me thinking a lot about things– about the past, and about how quickly time has flown by.

A recent memory that I can’t seem to clear from my mind involves myself, a zoo parking lot and a butterfly.


How to survive a sick day

When it’s cold, and you’ve caught a bug, sometimes you just need to take a sick day, or three. Flu season is in full force right now, with the subzero weather and increase in germs. The best way to get better? Take a little time off, or if you can’t, make the most of your downtime by relaxing and take it easy when you go outside. Recuperating and taking care of yourself will get you back on your feet in no time.  Here’s my advice on how to deal with you’re not feeling 100 percent.


How to survive the winter

 It’s that time of year again. The sun disappears, temperatures are often subzero and the ground is constantly covered and recovered with the white fluffy stuff.Winter is here, and unless you are a very warm blooded pro-skier, or live in the sunshine state, you’ll probably spend a lot of time indoors. Wondering what to do when you’re stuck inside?

leaf 1Goodbye Leaves

The funny thing about leaves is, they are at their prime right before they die. Living in Michigan, we’ve fallen into this annual routine, where leaves are born in the spring, coming onto trees as little buds, ready to grow into greenery and take on the world. As the weather heats up, these tiny baby leaves evolve, like a caterpillar, transforming from seedlings into green glory on the trees.

applecidersWhy I love the fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The weather cools off– but not too much, just enough to wear that cute and cozy sweater and cuddle up with a cup of tea and a good book. The leaves change to fiery shades, and there are pumpkins and apples everywhere. There are so many reasons to love autumn.

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