Tea review Tuesday: Hot Cinnamon Sunset

If you're searching for your new favorite fall tea, look no further than Harney & Sons "Hot Cinnamon Sunset." This "remarkably assertive tea" is all about the spiciness, with a hint of citrus to round out the flavor. If you are a fan of chai teas or hot spiced ciders, you'll love this blend. It [...]

Book review: ‘Wild’ is a beautiful journey to finding yourself

This week I finished "Wild." The beautifully written memoir by Cheryl Strayed tells her roller coaster story of her multi-month hike along the gorgeous Pacific Crest Trail — as well as the events that inspired her journey. The book starts out with 20-something Cheryl reflecting on her life with her mother — discussing her childhood [...]

‘A Regal Corgi Tea Party’ celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s 63-year reign

Let's take a moment to appreciate the internet, and Youtube. Before their existence, we wouldn't have access to wonderful, adorable animal videos 24/7, whenever we need to see them. I love puppies and kittens, and I love tea. So when I saw Mashable's 'A Real Corgi Tea Party,' show up as a suggested video for me [...]

These are a few of my favorite lavender things

Today I'm going to talk about something I really enjoy: lavender. This herb is soothing and beautifully fragrant, and has many benefits. Most obviously known to induce relaxation and relieve stress, lavender also used in skin and hair care, to treat infections as well as for anti-inflammatory reasons. Regardless of what you're using it for, [...]