Vegan lentil veggie chili-soup: perfect for fall

Mmmm, lentils! This bean is tasty and filled with great-for-you nutrients, as well as being super versatile. I can eat them alone all the time or stirred in with some quinoa for a warm dish or cool salad, but my favorite way to enjoy lentils is in a soup. The first time I made this [...]

Vegan lentil quinoa superfood stir fry

  Quinoa is a great grain. It's packed full of protein and fiber — the important stuff. If you're eating a vegetarian/vegan/reduced meat diet, this is a great food to enjoy. Lentils are also tasty and nutritious, and they while they're tasty alone, they mix well with quinoa. I really like quinoa, and one of [...]

Greatist’s “Perfect Female Body” post presents sad truth about society

An article published last week on Greatist, "See How Much the "Perfect" Female Body Has Changed in 100 Years (It's Crazy!)," has been making its rounds on the world wide web. Fashion sites have been sharing it like crazy, and while it is interesting to look at and graphically appealing, it's extremely offensive to really [...]