cropped.pngWelcome, and thanks for stopping by!

I’m Stephanie, founder and voice behind Life’s a Cup of Tea!

I’m a former Michigander who was briefly a Hoosier/Chicagoan wannabe, now residing in Alabama (I’ve moved a lot, what can I say?). My day job (that I do at night) is newspaper design, and I spend my free time tasting teas, taking walks, reading books, writing things, going on adventures and playing with cats.

I started this blog in 2013 as an excuse to buy and try more teas. It’s grown into a platform for biweekly tea reviews, recipes and lifestyle posts, as well as being my little corner of the world where I can share my story.

Living the good life with my fiance Damien and our two lovely rescue cats.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey girl! I’m lovin your blog! It’s rare to see a blog that is so down to earth and real now and days. Your’s does just that! 🙂


  2. Hi there! How do I go about entering to win the Adagio gift certificate?
    I think I’m finally in the groove of going to tea for my favorite hot drink! It’s been especially helpful in our ultra-snowy and cold Michigan winter!
    Thanks for your interesting reviews!


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