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I’m Stephanie, founder and voice behind Life’s a Cup of Tea!

I’m a former Michigander who currently resides in the Chicago area. My day job (that I do at night) is newspaper design and editing for Chicago Tribune and company publications. I spend my free time tasting teas, caring for my baby, taking walks, reading books, writing things, going on adventures and playing with cats and pup.

I started this blog in 2013 as an excuse to buy and try more teas. It’s grown into a platform for tea reviews, recipes and lifestyle posts, as well as being my little corner of the world where I can share my story.

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  1. Hey girl! I’m lovin your blog! It’s rare to see a blog that is so down to earth and real now and days. Your’s does just that! 🙂


  2. Hi there! How do I go about entering to win the Adagio gift certificate?
    I think I’m finally in the groove of going to tea for my favorite hot drink! It’s been especially helpful in our ultra-snowy and cold Michigan winter!
    Thanks for your interesting reviews!


    1. Hi Christel! Sorry for responding late, the contest is on Instagram so you can enter there on my account where the heart-shaped tea photo is posted! Glad you’re enjoying my reviews!

  3. Hey, Stephanie

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      1. Hello

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        Thank you.

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