Tea & A Book: Anne of Green Gables and Lavender Tisane

I was looking for a spring read with lots of vivid imagery, and Anne of Green Gables did not disappoint. Over the years I have seen so many quotes from this book, and a lot of book vloggers were recommending it as a good spring read, so I ordered a gorgeous copy of the Puffin in Bloom version (I was not paid to say that) and read it pretty quickly.

As an orphan, Anne is recovering from a lot of trauma, but finds a new home in Green Gables with the unmarried Cuthbert siblings. The way Anne sees the world, naming parts of the woods, and seeking out “kindred spirits,” is truly beautiful. Especially after the sadness she has endured. And she is not proper and prim like the other girls around her. While she grows calmer as she gets older, she still has the same sense of curiosity and adventure. This was a moving read and it inspired me to further slow down and find more appreciation for nature. I look forward to one day sharing this story with my daughter when she is older. I wish I had read this when I was younger, but regardless, I am glad I picked it up now, as it is still relevant. (And I can finally watch ‘Anne with an “E”‘)

Tea pairing: something floral, like lavender tisane or jasmine green tea.

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