Tea & a book: The Storyteller and Earl Grey

Today I’m talking about a book I recently finished, “The Storyteller” by Dave Grohl. This was a phenomenal autobiography with lots of emotional intelligence and class while still showing the real side of life as a super famous rock ‘n roll musician.

Judging by videos of him and this book Grohl is a super down-to-earth person, talented but also humble and loyal to his loved ones (and fans). The stories he shares throughout are a testament to his love of music, his mom, and is family. I love his anecdotes about his daughters, as well as the many amazing places he had the privilege to travel to as a musician. He shares everything from his rough start in the music, to when he made it, but never shares too much, either. The name he chose for this memoir is definitely appropriate. Even if you aren’t a big fan of him or his band, you could find something you enjoy in his story.

I began reading this shortly before Taylor Hawkins’ passing, and stopped for a bit at that time, but reading the rest of it was therapeutic. The Foo Fighters were one of my family bands growing up, and inspired me while helping through difficult times, so the news of Hawkins’ untimely death was very sad. Grohl talks a lot about their friendship and his presence in the band throughout his book.

Tea pairings: English breakfast, duck shit oolong or gunpowder green tea

5/5 *

“There were certain things in my life that I relied on unconditionally and in which I had unwaivering faith — the love of my mother, my love for her, and the love that filled my heart when I played music.”

Dave Grohl

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