Favorite quarantine recipes

I wish I could say I’ve been super productive throughout this quarantine. I should’ve done more blog posts, started a new hobby or something to that extent. But it’s been really mentally exhausting at times, since I’ve continued working full-time, my belly has kept growing and I’ve been trying not to worry too much about the pandemic and state of our work industry.

One thing that’s given me a lot of joy and comfort, though, has been cooking and baking. So I wanted to share a few new favorite recipes I’ve found with you all.


We are completely social distancing to be extra careful, so we’ve been avoiding the stores and having groceries delivered. The only times we’ve left the house are to walk Justice or for me to go to my obgyn appointments, and my husband hasn’t been allowed to go to any since February 😦 Being pregnant, not being able to go to the store anytime has been difficult with my cravings, one being chocolate glazed donuts. I fortunately found this recipe online for chocolate glazed donut holes from Shugary Sweets. All you need to make them is mini or regular sized muffin tins. And they’re even a little healthier, since they are baked instead of fried. But they still tasted so great that we (mostly me) ate them  all within 12 hours. It pairs great with a good cup of assam.


Another craving I had was for Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits. I found a great recipe to make some at home (almost better than the ones from the restaurant), and they went so well with this garlicky carrot soup recipe from Ovia. The carrots I got for it were super moldy, so I subbed them for a jar of canned carrots and it was still really great! The recipe is from my pregnancy app but it’s vitamin packed and anyone can enjoy it (my husband thought it was delicious).


Oatmeal is one of my go-to breakfasts, and I’ve been making this old fashioned oats recipe from Slender Kitchen a lot lately, just leaving out the vanilla extract and adding a scoop of peanut butter and a scoop of jelly. It’s simple, but delicious and protein packed, which has given me a lot of energy in the mornings.


I really wanted to go out for afternoon tea, but with the stay-at-home order, I did made scones at home instead using one of my favorite tea blogger’s, The Cup of Life’s (Teaaholic on Instagram) recipes. These scones are delicious and taste great with any jelly or jam, and go great with a cup of English breakfast with a splash of milk! I made them with a cookie cutter because I didn’t have a scone cutter, but you could use a cup or cut them into triangles instead, too.

Let me know in the comments below what you’ve all been making. I can’t wait to try all of your recipe recommendations!

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