Amora Teas review

Amora Coffee recently reached out to me about trying their new teas. The company is known for their coffee but recently added a tea line, so I was interested to see how the blends were. While I usually sip loose leaf, these bags were rich and flavorful. The teas are all pure and organic, and I enjoyed all of them. They currently have a deal going on their website to try any of their 16 pack tins for free (just $1 for shipping), which is definitely worth checking out.


Earl grey

Earl Grey is one of my favorite tea blends, so I judged this one harshly. I wasn’t disappointed. Amira’s earl grey has a nice level of bergamot, which balances with slightly sweet and somewhat peppery black tea. I enjoyed it a lot and have already made a few cups of it.

Amore English Breakfast

English Breakfast

This is a smooth, rich and sweet black tea. It had minimal astringency and no bitterness to it, which I liked.

Amora Green Cloud Mist

Green cloud

Made with Yun Wu, this green tea has an earthy, slightly grassy taste. It’s very vegetal and springy, and lives up to its name of clouds and mist. It took me on a journey into the woods, which was nice since we’re all sheltering in place.



I love sipping a good cup of chamomile to relax. This one was a simple blend of pure chamomile flowers. It has a sweet, floral honey taste, typical chamomile flavor and helped take the edge off during a stressful work shift.

Let me know in the comments which one of these teas you’re most excited to try!

2 thoughts on “Amora Teas review

    1. They were a coffee company and just started making tea! If you try them, let me know what you think.

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