Q&A with Ana and Mircea of Health from Europe (formerly Health from Transylvania)

  1. When I’m not drinking tea, I love to make a warm and cozy cup of caffeine-free tisane. When I came across Health from Transylvania, I was glad when they agreed to collaborate and send me some of their teas to try. I’m excited to share this exclusive Q&A so you guys can learn more about this awesome, down-to-earth healthy herbs and jam company.

Q: Tell me some background about Health from Transylvania and how the company came to be?

We are from Romania, now living in Montreal, QC and first came to think about the company when we where preparing our move to Canada.

It was the last visit to our favorite part of the country – the province of Transylvania –  and before leaving we were thinking about what we will really miss.

And when the answer revealed itself , we started considering how we can we bring Transylvania and its gems with us and share them with our new world.

Next, Health from Transylvania was born as the result of our passion and love for nature and for a healthy lifestyle. And last, but not least, for the amazing natural products that we discovered in Transylvania and that helped us through our journey towards better health.

Q: What are your best selling-teas and products?

A: Best selling teas: Tea from the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvanian Rose Love Tea and Transylvanian Wild Flowers Tea

Best selling jams: Fruits of the Forest, Wild Rosehip and Wild Bilberry

Q: What is your creative process like for your herbal tea blends and jam? How do you come up with the blends? Where do the ingredients come from that you use?

A: All our products are produced and come from Transylvania, Romania, in the European Union. They are exquisite luxury products handcrafted by two small family businesses that feel respect and love for nature and life. And this is why we chose them and not others.

The Csiki family from Avramesti is our tea partner and grows the herbs and spices in their organic certified garden, around a 300 years old mansion.

All their tea blends are handmade with love from medicinal herbs and spices based on old family or regional recipes and combined based on their health benefits.

And their taste, colour and smell are very special, because the dried flowers and leaves are packed in one piece without their stems in order to maintain the best possible quality.

The only ingredients used are medicinal plants and spices, without any artificial additives, be it flavorings, preservatives, pesticides or colors.

Beside their amazing taste, they are also beneficial for health. In this regard, the products are very special, because the herbs from the organic garden are grown in a soil mixed with local salt from Transylvania and organic spelt husks.

As regards the jams, they are produced by the Gall family in Gheorghieni. What we love about them is that they are making jams exactly as our grandmothers used to make them. And the taste is just like in our childhood memories!

Because the jams are artisanal and handmade following simple traditional recipes that cherish nutrition and flavor.

The ingredients used are wild fruits handpicked from the mountains and hills of Transylvania. And just as in the case of teas, no artificial additives are being used.

Q: What do you hope people will experience when drinking your teas?

A: We know that people care about healthy products and that they are looking for better alternatives than the conventional products they can find around in supermarkets.

Our herbal teas are premium products that are unique and are made with sustainable methods using the finest quality organic herbs and spices.

More than that, they are handmade, they are fresh and have many medicinal and health benefits.

We are simply looking to offer to each of our customers a natural, healthier product and a memorable taste experience. And it is our mission to deliver on that promise.

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