Simple self-care steps

Self care doesn’t need to be elaborate, time consuming or expensive. In today’s post, I’m talking about little ways you can feel better on a daily basis.

1. Start your day with an outdoor walk

Something about going out and getting fresh air first thing in the morning is so therapeutic to me. Getting a dog has helped me perfect this habit but even just taking a walk around the block while unplugged can help you start the day on the right foot.

2. Unplug

Spend more time away from your phone. KEEP IT OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM. I cannot stress this enough, as someone prone to insomnia, one of the best things I’ve done is stop keeping my phone on my nightstand. And this not only helps me fall asleep, but I start the day on the right foot and get going quicker. Also, utilize the screen time app and pay attention to how much time you spend on it, and try to cut back where possible.

3. Essential oils

There are so many ways we can use essential oils to take care of ourselves. One simple way is through a diffuser — my favorite nighttime combination is lavender and frankincense. I also started making my own homemade cleaners with essential oils, water and vinegar — cutting back on chemicals and saving money. Also, adding essential oils to the tub for a bath or shower can help you relax with something soothing like eucalyptus or wake up with citrusy aromas.

4. Read more books

Especially physical ones! The act of holding a book in your hand and turning the pages to take in more information is so soothing and therapeutic (at least to me). I have a couple go to books I turn to to help me calm myself, and you should, too! I call them my comfort reads — soothing books I’ve read before that I can fall into easily but don’t get too hooked on that I can’t put them down.

5. Start a new hobby

Want to do something artsy? Painting, coloring, drawing and knitting don’t have to be pricey, especially at the beginner level. And from a recent news design conference I attended I realized you can truly use any thing as an art tool — journalist and arts mentor Deborah Withey had us paint with sticks. Resources don’t need to be an issue. And I really feel like anything you can do with your hands is a great way to calm down.

6. Make a routine, completely with tea time

Having a routine is such an important thing. Doing the same things brings a sense of stability. Something I want to work toward is a daily tea time in the early afternoon. I usually walk everyday and work out every other day before work, so adding that in may be a little tricky but I am going to work toward making it a daily tradition.

I hope this list was helpful. Let me know in the comments below what self care means to you, and some of your own tips that have helped you find more wellness in your daily life.

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