Hojicha Gold and Dark roast green tea

Today I have a review of two different types of green teas from Hojicha Co. Full disclosure, these hojicha teas were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest review, and you can try them yourself for 10 percent off by clicking the ad on the right side of my blog.

These green teas are a little different in flavor, since they are roasted instead of steamed. The leaves are darker and they both steeped to a light brown color. But the gold and dark roasts each had their own unique flavor characteristics that I am going to compare.

Let’s start with the Hojicha gold roast.


Out of the two teas, this one is much bolder and richer. It has a much more earthy, vegetal taste to it, and a hint of smokiness and sweetness, somewhat like a genmaicha.

Despite its name and the larger leaves, the dark roast had a much lighter flavor to me.


It was rich, but more buttery and smooth, though still sweet. It reminded me a bit of an oolong.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve had a roasted Japanese green tea before, and which of these flavor profiles you would prefer in your cup.


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