Brin d’Aromes shaped tea bags make tea time extra fun (discount code in post)

If you follow my Instagram you’ve seen my posts featuring some pretty cute shaped tea bags over the past couple months. I stumbled onto Brin d’Aromes‘ account a while back, and admired the tea bags for a long time before reaching out to them. And owner Jacqueline sent me some of their tea bags all the way from France. 

They make all different kinds of shaped tea bags, including seasonal, animal and nature shapes like stars, trees, clouds. You get the choose the shape and type of tea you want. It’s such a cool concept and makes drinking tea even more enjoyable.

Check out all of the shapes and flavors they offer on their website, and use my discount code LIFESACUP to get 10 percent off your order!

Comment below with which shaped tea bag is your favorite!

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