Tea review: Luna Tea Co.’s Anniversary Blend

Luna Tea Co.’s Anniversary Blend is made up of all of my favorite things! When Jenni reached out and asked if I’d like to try some of their tea, I was really excited. I love meeting people from new tea companies and trying their tea. I was even more excited when I saw the blends she sent.


The company sent me two blends, but in today’s post, I’m going to focus on the Anniversary Blend. This organic dessert tea blend is chocolatey, spicy and slightly sweet — all things I really enjoy in tea blends.

Ingredients: Darjeeling black tea, cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla powder and licorice root.


First, I need to acknowledge the packaging. I love the test tubes these teas came in. It’s so simple but also unique — and definitely something I can reuse after I finish the tea. They also put an emphasis on the mindfulness of the tea experience — which I completely agree with and am trying to focus on more lately.

Now onto the blend. Aromatically, this tea is amazing. The scents of cocoa and cinnamon blend together and remind me of a dessert, or a cup of spiced hot cocoa.

When prepared, to me, cinnamon stands out most, with cocoa following shortly after. While this blend reminds me a bit of some chocolate chai teas I’ve had, the vanilla powder and licorice root bring a different feel to it and make it more of a sweet dessert. In short — it’s heavenly.

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