Tea Room Review: Sweet Tea Celebrations

Whenever I get the chance, I love to stop in at new tea rooms. When we get more unpacked and settled in from our move, I am going to make a point to try some nearby. But today, I wanted to talk about an awesome afternoon tea my husband and I had on our honeymoon last month at Sweet Tea Celebrations in Gulfport, Florida.








This tea room is very cute, decorated in a quaint but not overwhelming way. I’ve been to some tea rooms that went a little overboard with too many dolls and decor that wasn’t my taste. This place was nothing like that. It had a very relaxed, happy feel to it, and pretty, yet subtle floral tablecloths that matched the wallpaper.


Reservations are recommended, especially on a Saturday like when we went, but we lucked out and got a table and they even made us some scones despite having a huge group there that afternoon.



The tea selection is pretty great, and we opted to enjoy a pot of their dragon well — a tasty, smoky green tea, which comes with unlimited refills. If you’re feeling indecisive trying to decide between their 39 kinds of tea, they’ll let you have pots of a few different ones, too.


Tea goes great with scones, and a nice, light lunch. I ordered the chicken salad platter, while Damien chose the finger sandwiches. I tried the strawberry one from his plate, and it was delicious! The presentation was also beautiful. Edible orchids were a nice touch, which our server said she purchased at the awesome Thai Orchids and Leis shop next door. I walked through it before our lunch and it was a really cute and relaxing little gem.


Since we were on vacation we splurged and ordered some dessert. Their mini cakes were tasty and we also got a small mocha flavored mousse that was also wonderful.


Everything at this tea room was great, from the kind service to tasty foods and welcoming environment. If you’re ever in the St. Petersburg area, definitely check this place out.

Let me know in the comments what you look for in a tea room, or share a memory of a fun tea room you went to while traveling. 

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