Review: BOH Cameronian gold blend black tea + DISCOUNT CODE

Two of the best feelings in life are finishing a good but long book and sipping a tasty cup of tea. BOH’s Cameronian gold blend is the latter — a deliciously smooth black tea with a very slight sweetness.


Unlike most of the teas I drink, the leaves of this one are much smaller, though that doesn’t impact the taste. Flavor-wise, it’s earthy, buttery and smooth — both rich and light at the same time. Aromatically, it was reminiscent of green tea, but it steeps to a deep golden color, just like its name. I like to drink this tea to wake up when I am feeling sluggish. It has a decent amount of caffeine, but still gives me that calm energy I’m looking for; it wakes me up without making me feel shaky.

If you are a big black tea fan, you should give this blend a try! And the good news is, I have an exclusive discount available! Use the code “STEPHBOH” to get 10 percent off your order on Amazon.

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