A walk around Donald E. Davis Arboretum + introducing Justice the pup!

Have you ever found a place that is really happy and uplifting? A place that just speaks to your soul and makes you feel content and at peace? I found that the other day visiting the Donald E. Davis Arboretum in Auburn.



Springtime is in full swing here so there are a ton of flowers everywhere! My allergies are acting up but other than that I am happy. The weather is perfect, so I can’t complain! This botanical garden park we went to has all native species of plants from our state — lots of gorgeous trees and wildflowers.


I’d never seen (or smelled) Azaleas before moving here, but they are gorgeous.



It’s amazing that these beautiful blooms are wildflowers! They are so gorgeous. I’ve been wanting to check this botanical garden out for a while and am so glad we finally did! It was perfect timing to visit in the spring, too.


There is, of course, another reason we went!  I’ve consistently been going to a park every day for the past few weeks, because this week we made it official and adopted a puppy! As a lifelong cat lady, this has been a new adventure for me. But as someone who loves spending time outside and taking lots of walks, it’s been wonderful so far. Justice is only a couple months old and is already so active and enjoying life. She’s helping me do the same.


Being camera shy.


After seeing Woof Ave’s post on Facebook about their “candy pups” (Justice was originally Snickers), we went last month to go meet them. Justice stood out — she was little but very sweet. The cats are getting used to her still, Freedom is coming around and curious. Liberty is still keeping some distance. But in time I think they’ll all be great friends.


This is my first time caring for a canine, so I’m open to any advice, tips and things that worked for you while training. She seems to be a fast learner though and is getting better every day.

Let me know any recommendations in the comments below. Happy Caturday!

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