Review: Fox Tea Club Chocolate Tea

There’s not much that’s more hygge than sitting down with a cozy blanket, book, some chocolate and cup of tea. The tea I’m going to talk about today fits well into that scene.

I can’t believe how long I waited to try Fox Tea Club’s Chocolate Tea. They sent me a sample of it a few months back along with other teas. It’s a cozy cuppa, with the aroma of hot cocoa and the taste of chocolate with the slightest hint of berries.


Ingredients: Black Tea, Cacao Beans, Caramel, Foxberry, Seabucktorn.

I made this tea plain but it would make a wonderful latte. On its own with no sugar, the flavors are still sweet. The sprinkles add a little sweetness, and chocolate stands out most in this black tea blend.


This tea is rich and chocolatey, truly reminding me of chocolate milk or a creamy cup of hot chocolate. With a few simple ingredients, this tea is like your favorite cozy sweater, and helps to curb those chocolate cravings while giving you a little energy to get moving and take on the day.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about chocolate teas.

3 thoughts on “Review: Fox Tea Club Chocolate Tea

  1. Chocolate teas can be a hit or miss for me. I find some can be a bit too weak. I enjoy a really good chocolate tea, of course! I tried this one too, and also loved it 🙂

    1. I agree! I’ve had some that are weak, like you said. Others are too bitter. This one is probably one of my favorite chocolate teas I’ve ever had, aside from a couple good chocolate chai blends. 😺

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