Review: Adagio Maple Creme Oolong

Have you ever had a tea that was super comforting? I find comfort in most warm cuppas, but Adagio’s Maple Creme Oolong is truly a hug in a mug. Reminding me of some of my favorite breakfast foods that wouldn’t be complete without a Canadian treat, this blend is flavorful, and aromatically reminds me Sunday mornings growing up, when my mom would often make pancakes.


Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Apple Pieces, Cinnamon Bark, Maple Flavor, Cardamom, Safflower, Natural Creme Flavor & Cloves.


To me, this blend smells just like maple candy, or a good jug of real maple syrup, and that’s also the taste that lingers after each sip. I made it plain, without any sweeteners or milk, and it was great. But I think it would also make a fantastic latte.

I noticed elements of apple and cinnamon, which work with the maple flavor to highlight the oolong tea’s smooth earthiness. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites for the late afternoon, since oolong isn’t too high in caffeine.

Let me know in the comments which tea you find the most comforting!

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