Global Tea Hut mag + ‘Swirling Mist’ 2004 sheng puerh

I was really excited and intrigued when I was contacted on Instagram to receive a sample of some tea from Global Tea Hut. I had not really heard of them, but upon doing some research I learned that it is a monthly ad-free tea magazine and tea subscription, with members from around the world.


This month’s tea is the “Swirling Mist” 2004 Sheng Puerh. The magazine has an entire section talking about the tea’s history, best preparation and taste, which was really interesting. I love learning more about tea, and being able to read an entire article about what’s in my cup is interesting.


Having given up coffee, I’ve been getting more into puerh tea lately.  A vibrant goldent shade, this tea is very sweet and smooth, mild and low in astringency. It came from a 2004 puerh cake. Being able to see photos of and read about the people who harvested this tea also gives a new feeling and depth to the sipping experience, thinking of all that it took for it to get here, from growing, to gathering and processing, then sending it around the world to my mailbox. It’s pretty exciting, which I think makes for an amazing tea time.


You can taste the difference with a high-quality tea, and to me, this smooth and mild puerh was light and somewhat buttery, while also very fragrant and earthy, reminiscent of being outside.

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