Review: Japanese Green Tea IN Mikan Matcha

This was my first time having a flavored matcha. I usually go for plain, unsweetened matcha, opting to add a little honey or almond milk after preparing. So Japanese Green Tea IN’s Mikan one was a new taste for me. I was sent the green tea and also a lemon one for free, in exchange for an unbiased review.

IMG_2570Mikan is mandarin, and this powdered green tea’s ingredients are Premium Green Tea with Added Japanese Orange Powder and Natural Sugar. It was refreshing and would be good iced and as a latte.

If you aren’t into sweet teas, you probably won’t like this one, but the citrusy, tart mandarin orange taste is very flavorful and cheerful. If you’re new to matcha, this is a good place to start. The orange sweetness stood out most, with a hint of green tea showing up after. It was a nice treat.

Let me know in the comments how you feel about flavored matcha!

2 thoughts on “Review: Japanese Green Tea IN Mikan Matcha

  1. Hi Stephanie, I went to the website you referenced for this tea. Free shipping today!! Can you recommend any local stores where I can just try some different teas? Teavana stores are all closed around here, as you probably know. I’m trying to acquire a taste for more tea, but can’t afford to spend a ton on something I may not like. The green tea with orange you talked about today sounds very appealing to me! Thanks-have a great day! Christel

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    1. Hi Christel! I really liked this orange green tea and if you’re just starting to get into more teas something like this would be great! Did you end up ordering it?
      Goldfish Tea in Royal Oak is a fun tea room and they sell some good loose leaf teas. You could go have a pot of tea and see if you like it before buying it. Otherwise my favorite place to buy teas is through Adagio. They have stores in Chicago but I’m not sure about the Detroit area. But they have a lot of samples available online and they are very affordable. I have this box and all of these are great! You can sweeten them with a little honey or agave, or enjoy as is. You can also buy individual samples for as low as $2 each.

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