Tea review: Nepal Tea Kanchanjangha noir

Sometimes you just need a strong cup of tea and a good book to read. Nepal’s Kaachanjangha noir black tea is that for me. This tea packs big flavor.

I was feeling kind of tired and unmotivated so I sat down and made a cup of this tea, then took out one of my favorite quote books that I turn to when in need of some motivation, Cheryl Strayed’s “Brave Enough.” It’s got a lot of great thoughts on life choices and finding your path, so I always keep it within an arm’s reach.



This tasty tea is highly oxidized, which makes it very flavorful. Steeping 4 to 5 minutes, this tea becomes a dark reddish brown shade. It’s aromatically floral, with springy flavor and aroma.

What’s your favorite black tea when you need a wakeup and some inspiration?

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