Review: Yatra Tea Company Goomtee Estate black tea

The cool thing about teas is how much flavor they have. Even if they aren’t a “flavored” tea, all teas have different aromas and tastes to them, and some may even be different from person to person. The tea I’m reviewing is a Yatra Tea Company’s fine first flush black tea from Goomtee Estate, which they sent me to try a few months back. It has a lot of depth to it.



This tea, from a well-known Darjeeling estate in India, is just black tea with no other ingredients, but its taste is super floral. I am drawn to flowery teas, so I really enjoyed the flavors and aroma, as well as the taste Yatra described in a well-put way as “well-rounded.” I also enjoyed taking a closer look at the shape of its leaves, which are rolled up in thinner strands.


As the leaves started to open up, they grew even more green in color, as the water changed to a shade of yellow.



Looking from above, these leaves were even more beautiful while doing their 3-minute steep. With its golden liquor and flavorful characteristics, this is a great black tea if you’re drawn to stronger, floral blends.

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