Review: Adagio cherry green tea

The former Michigander in me got really excited when I stumbled upon Adagio’s cherry green while looking for things to try with my tea rep voucher for this month. As a kid, and even an adult, going up to Northern Michigan usually meant a trip to Traverse City, a town known for its cherries (they even have a festival centered around them). Most times I’d come back with fresh cherries, and often a cherry tea, usually black or tisane. But I’d never seen a cherry green tea, so I knew I had to try this one.


Ingredients: Green Tea, Natural Wild Cherry Flavor, Rose Petals & Dried Cherries.

Lore from the Adagio website: Cherries are believed to have been discovered in China about 6,000 years ago. Curiously enough, the name comes from Cerasus, a town in Turkey. The likely cause of this is the route these fruits travel on their way to Europe. Cherries figure prominently in the art and writings of the Roman conquerors, Greek citizens and Chinese emperors. After the discovery of the New World, cherries traveled to America along with early settlers. The bulk of the US crop now grows in the State of Michigan.


I made the tea in my new ingenuiTEA steeper that I also purchased with my voucher. I’m loving this strainer a lot! It’s really simple, sleek-looking and easy to clean. It’s also a nice way to watch the leaves come to life as your tea is steeping. It’s becoming a big part of my everyday tea routine. The only issue I had is that the lid fell off a couple times when I popped it up or closed it, but when I was more careful with it, it was fine.


In the blend I got, there weren’t a ton of dried cherries, though it was listed on the ingredients. But the cherry flavor was still pretty strong. The aroma of this tea is both of the fruity cherry essence and floral notes. The green tea adds a buttery scent and taste, and cherry lingers after each sip from the first steeping.

As stated above, most cherries are grown in the state of Michigan, so sipping this makes me a little homesick for the mitten, while also comforting me and taking me back to simpler times — summer trips to Lake Michigan, where the sun was shining and the waves crashed along the shore at sunset. Having green mixed with cherry makes those feelings even stronger, reminding me of spending time outdoors in the woods up north. Overall, I really enjoyed this tea for these reasons and the taste itself.

Have you had cherry tea before? Also, let me know in the comments below what teas are most nostalgic and remind you of home?

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