Adagio Peach Oolong + a special announcement

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that I was chosen as an Adagio rep! YAY! 

I’ve been a big Adagio fan for a long time so I was very honored when I found out I was chosen in the contest. I’m so excited to work with them and try some of their new tea and products this year!


This afternoon I sipped their peach oolong for the first time. This tea was sent to me as a sample with my last order I got a few months back, and I really love it. On a cold winter afternoon, it was the perfect escape.


This blend is buttery with a hint of peach, blended with the slightest floral flavor. It literally tastes like summertime! I love oolongs, but don’t always enjoy fruity ones, because it often covers the taste of the tea. This tea is the best of both worlds, with the fruitiness bringing out the good elements of the tea.

Let me know in the comments what teas your favorite Adagio teas are so I can add them to my list of ones to try!

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