Review: Numi Sunset Oolong flowering tea

One of my favorite gifts Damien got me this year was a Numi blooming tea set. I’ve used blooming teas, but this one has six different kinds and I am really excited to try all of them. In today’s post, I’ll be talking about the Sunset Oolong.


The teas and clear teapot came in this cool, bamboo box. I’ll definitely keep it after for storing other teas or tea supplies.

IMG_9692 (1)

Aside from tasting wonderful, blooming teas like this one create a truly unique tea experience. If you haven’t had them before, they basically start out as a wrapped up ball of tea, and when you put them in boiling water, they unravel and begin to “bloom” as they steep. This one took about 2 minutes to fully bloom, and I really enjoyed watching. It adds another dimension to the tea experience, and when It’s ready to drink, you have something beautiful to look at as you pour your cup.


With oolong tea, lily and amaranth flowers, Numi’s sunset oolong was smooth, buttery and super floral — my kind of tea. I find myself gravitating more to oolongs lately for these flavors. It tastes like a nice spring afternoon and drinking it put me in a relaxed, upbeat mood.

I’m really excited to try all of the other teas in this box! Let me know how you feel about blooming teas in the comments below, and happy steeping!

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