Reflecting on 2017, and looking onward to a new year

2017 was a year of many changes for me. I got engaged, I moved super far away from the midwest, where I’d lived my entire life. I joined a book club in my new town. I left a job that made me unhappy and started a new one that allows me to work from home with my cat assistants. In short, it’s been exciting and eventful. Next year, I’m hoping to continue taking better care of myself, and work toward becoming more organized.

This year was also the most successful one I’ve had so far for Life’s a Cup of Tea. There have been many collaborations and a large growth in following. But I’m not slowing down, and I want to do even more with this in the new year, in addition to getting more into Youtube. In this post, however, I’m going to reflect on some of my favorite posts from 2017.

1. A Q&A with Nazanin Yousefnejad of Tea Thoughts


This is one of my favorite posts of the year because it was the start of my new monthly Q&A series! I ordered some tea cup pins from Tea Thoughts, and did a post talking with her about her love for tea and her blog/business. I plan on continuing these throughout the new year, and had a lot of fun putting together this month’s post about Lu Ann Pannunzio of the Tea Cup of Life as well.

2. On getting over FOMO and living in the moment


This was just an on my mind post, but it’s one that means a lot to me. I think everyone deals with the fear of missing out, and though I’ve come to peace with it sometimes it still creeps up when I least expect it. This post was a very reflective one for me, and in the new year, I want to continue incorporating in more of these.

3. Camping in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


We traveled back to Michigan a few times, but this was definitely my favorite trip for multiple reasons. #1 is when it was when Damien proposed. The St. Ignace area will always hold a special place in my heart for that reason, but looking back on this adventure also really makes me miss my home state even more now that I’m so much further away, so it’s nice to reminisce about the mitten’s beauty with the photos and stories of this post. Traveling, whether to somewhere new or somewhere you’ve been before, is always an experience, and I hope to add more travel posts to the blog in 2018.

4. How I fell in love with tea


I’ve been a tea lover for a while now, but just this year put together a post about how I fell for the leaves. This post gave me so much joy to write and share with my readers, as I talked about the role tea has played and continues to play in my life.

5. Banana bread + talking as fast as I can


I added this post to the list because it combines two of my favorite things that I am going to have more of on here this year: cooking and tea book reviews. I read all the time, so I want to start doing monthly roundups about what I’m reading. And food-wise, I’ve been talking about it for ages and I want to start cooking and baking more with tea.

6. Review: Japanese Green Tea IN Issaku Loose Leaf


I’ve reviewed a lot of teas throughout the year, but Japanese Green Tea IN’s Issaku is probably my favorite new one that I tried in 2017. Grassy yet sweet, this tea tasted like summertime, and I really enjoyed drinking it out on my balcony.

Thanks for reading my blog throughout the year and following my tea journey! I’m very excited for where it will go in 2018 and beyond, and I hope you all have a nice and safe new year.

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