Review: Nepal Tea Kachanjangha Verde green tea

Lately, I’ve been enjoying a lot of mild green teas. The Kachanjangha Verde from Nepal Tea is no exception. Soft with the slightest vegetal taste to it, this tea is high quality and smooth.


Nepal Tea sent me some samples a few months ago. I was really excited to try their teas and happy with the social responsibility programs  they do as a company, in addition to the positive treatment of their workers.

This tea is on the milder, more mellow side in part due to it being roasted. It stays more natural with minimal oxidization. The leaves are tightly rolled, but not too thin.


Grown in Nepal, this tea steeps to a very light green shade, matching its mild flavors. It has the slightest floral essence, but overall it is very smooth and clean. If you’re a fan of quality green teas, you should definitely check this one out. I think I’ll be ordering some more soon 🙂

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