Review: Mahalo Tea Company Golden Mango Papaya Green & Mate tea

For someone who’s lived in the north their entire life, it’s kind of bewildering to be able to enjoy tea out on my porch while only needing a sweater. Pairing that with an awesome blend created in Hawaii, and I’m feeling pretty tropical. Mahalo Tea Company sent me a few samples to try, including their Golden Mango Papaya Green & Mate tea. I really love this pretty blend itself, as well as its gorgeous packaging.


Ingredients: Green Tea, Mate Tea, Mango, Papaya, Marigold, Mallow Flowers, Lemongrass, and Stevia Leaf.


This tea blends with a slightly smoky taste, meshing with somewhat tart papaya and mango that grow sweeter with stevia, but not too sweet. I enjoyed this blend hot, but I feel like it would also be really great iced. The flavors are tropical and taste like summertime, reminiscent of beach days. Overall, this is a really tasty, smooth and fruity tea. It makes a great fruity treat, but without sugar or calories. While mate is high in caffeine, I didn’t feel like it was high enough blended with the green tea and other ingredients to give me a big energy boost, but it did wake me up somewhat.

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