Review: The Life in Tea Florida Greens

I love green tea, and I love rooibos tea, but I haven’t had many blends made up of both. So when The Life in Tea sent me their Florida Greens blend a few months ago, I was really intrigued by what the flavor would be like.


Orange peels bring a bit of a zest, and give the tea its namesake (also appropriate at the company is based out of Miami, Florida). The citrusy bite appears slightly at the end of each sip, and rooibos somewhat hides the sencha taste, but the blend is mild, buttery and slightly sweet.

IMG_7513 (1)

This tea is very relaxing. The caffeine level is super low, which makes it a great drink choice for late in the afternoon or into the nighttime hours. It seems like a blend that you could definitely enjoy while reading a book in bed. If you love super flavorful green teas, this might not be for you, but if you are open to new tastes and like milder yet flavorful drinks, you’ll really enjoy this blend.

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