Review: Fox Tea Watermelon tisane

Who doesn’t like a pretty cup of pink tea? The weather might be growing chilly, but drinking Fox Tea’s watermelon herbal blend takes you to a nice summer day, with its tart, fruity flavors blended with fresh hibiscus. I really like this tisane! Florally and fruity, this blend is a dream.


The tea itself is really beautiful. I love the whole chunks of fruit in it, and pink and green fruit pieces make it a really gorgeous blend even before steeping.

Ingredients: cherry, foxberry, hibiscus, natural flavour, rose, rose hip.  


This is one of the multiple samples they sent me to try, and I really like it! It satisfied my craving for a dessert, without adding any calories. While this tea is called watermelon, what stands out most to me are the flavors of the tart cherry and hibiscus. There’s a sweetness that comes afterward, perfectly rounding out the sour flavor of this blend.


As it gets colder outside, this tea is also a great escape to warmer days, and is a nice change from all the spicy, pepperminty blends I usually drink this time of year. I didn’t make it iced since’s it doesn’t feel like iced tea weather to me anymore, but I think it would make a great tea pop or be tasty when enjoyed cold on its own.


If you love hibiscus, you’ll definitely love this tea. If you love fruit and summertime, you’ll also really enjoy it! I’ve really been loving fruity teas lately, so I’m really glad Fox Tea Club sent me this blend. It tastes happy and brings up memories of a summer day at the beach.

Let me know in the comments: what’s your favorite fruity tea blend?

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