Review: Material Matcha Uji MMU03 review

I love matcha tea. Sometimes I don’t have the patience to stir with the whisk until it’s completely frothy, but I still enjoy the taste and calm energy it gives me. It makes me feel like I can take on the world.


I want to start trying more matchas, so when up and coming matcha makers Material Matcha Uji asked me to review one of their first prototype teas, the MMU03, I was really excited!

Material Matcha was recently founded by French foodies Etienne and Morgan who were living in Japan and left behind corporate jobs to create their own matcha. They’ve come up with three bold matcha blends. You can read more about their story on their website, but I thought it was awesome and I’m excited to talk about their tea today. They also have a Kickstarter going on now, if you’re interested in helping with their goals.

IMG_7056MMU03 is vibrant and bold. It’s vegetal, earthy and full of flavor, with a milky, creaminess to it. Material Matcha describes it as “a full-bodied blend of Samidori and Gokou,” a velvety, very smooth with sweet umami, and that’s pretty accurate. Overall, this is a high-quality matcha. I wasn’t able to get this one fully frothy, but it was smooth and sweet enough that it didn’t need the foam to be enjoyed.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite matcha is.


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