Review: Republic of Tea Get Some Zzz’s tisane

As a longtime sufferer of insomnia, I’ve tried many an herbal tea to help wind down and turn off. Some work really well, others help a little or not much. Some taste good and others are kind of funky (though very effective). We recently got a new bed, and that’s helped a lot (it’s sooo comfy and I hate leaving it!) But sometimes the insomnia still pops up, so when it does lately, I’ve been turned to Republic of Tea’s Get Some Zzz. This tisane is a favorite of mine because it does what it says on the label, and doesn’t taste too bad either.


I think I may have brought this up on the blog a while ago, because I love it that much. But I’ve been enjoying it a lot lately, so I wanted to do a post about it. First of all, I really like the shapes of Republic of Tea’s round bags. This shape steeps really well, because all sides are able to submerge without bunching up. I know of some other tea companies who also make their bags like this, and I really love it!


Also, their cylinder-shaped packaging is nice and clean looking. It gives a lot of information but laid out in a neat way (which makes the designer side of me content).

Ingredients: Organic Rooibos (leaf), Orange (peel), Spearmint (leaf), Chamomile (flower), Passionflower (herb), Stevia (leaf), Valerian Root Extract.


Get Some Zzz’s is part of Republic of Tea’s “Be Well Red Collection,” a variety of blends to help with health needs varying from weight loss to relaxation and heart health.  I think the thing I like most about this sleepy blend is the taste. Though it has valerian root, which is super potent, it doesn’t have an overwhelming taste like other valerian teas I’ve had before, because spearmint really brings it back down to earth. The longer you steep it, the stronger the taste, but also the stronger the relaxation capabilities become. I steeped it about 10 minutes, and soon felt ready to wind down for the evening. After this tea, unless I’m really anxious, I tend to sleep through most of the night, too, so that’s another plus.

Sweet dreams! What’s your favorite tea to help you fall asleep?

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