Tea review: Japanese Green Tea IN high-quality Gokuzyo

Happy Caturday! Today I’m reviewing a really great green tea (and sharing a photo of my cat doing whatever she wants because now she said she makes the rules). You can really tell when a green tea is of a higher quality. The flavor is smooth, crisp and full. That’s what I found in Japanese Green Tea In’s gokuzyo.


This green tea is a very high-grade and high in quality. In addition to being super aromatic, the hand-picked leaves of this tea are very fine and really just pretty to look at. They are rolled in a way that almost reminds me of pine needles, sort of rustic but also very neat. It’s also nice to note that quality green teas have many health benefits like antioxidants and properties that can prevent problems like high blood pressure, so this is a great choice for self-care in addition to enjoyment.


Japanese Green Tea In’s teas are award-winning, and the gokuzyo one was winner of the 2017 Global Tea Championship award. It steeps to a very green shade, full of flavor to match the color it turns. It’s not at all bitter, but rather, very sweet and fresh.


After steeping around 3-5 minutes, the tea leaves sort of fluff out, but stay on the smaller side. Another thing I love about this tea is the natural sweetness that comes from the leaves, without having to add any flavors or sweeteners.


Overall, this tea is buttery and slightly vegetal — but mostly very soft and nutty. You can taste and smell the high quality of this green tea. It’s a must for any green tea lover’s repertoire.

Let me know in the comments: what’s your favorite kind of green tea?

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