On getting over FOMO and living in the moment

Now that I live in a warmer climate, I’ve been checking the weather channel website frequently to see when it’s going to cool off, because I’ve been feeling sad and anxious for the real start of fall (also sort of ready to go for walks without feeling overheated).


Going outside is an important part of living in the moment. Life is about comfort and the smells and feelings of nature. Whenever I feel stuck and frustrated, a nice walk outside is an instant mood boost.


Today, the temperature finally dropped to around 70 degrees, and the midwesterner in me is slightly embarrassed to say I was a little chilly going outside without a sweater. I’m coming to terms that living in the south means that it’s not going to be the same, and that fall is going to be winter. And it’s really made me realize something.

I love seasons, and feel fortunate that I’ve spent most of my life enjoying 4 distinct changes of season. But despite the comfort that brings, it kind of always leaves you to sort of waiting for the next thing instead of enjoying the current situation, kind of like life.


Find joy in the everyday comforts, like a cup of your favorite tea or taking time to read a book you love.


With that in mind, who says you have to wait until it’s cold outside to make crockpot soups or pumpkin chai tea? Who says you can’t go get cider and donuts in the summer time, like I have many times with my brother. Or go to the beach in January? Sometimes it’s good to make new traditions and have new life experiences other than what you’re used to.


Cats don’t seem to go through FOMO. They eat, sleep, cuddle and do what they want. They take self care seriously. You should too.


I think as humans, especially with the constant connection to technology, we’re often comparing ourselves to other people and trying to get to that next thing — the next life stage, career, whatever achievement is on our list — and the same goes for seasons. So though I am currently feeling melancholy about the lack of sweater weather, I’m going to focus on the positives of how things are right now. The beauty of nature that is new to me — new critters and plant life, a different lifestyle and things I can learn along the way. As many say, life is about enjoying the journey, so take a moment to sit down with a tasty cup of tea and do just that — live in the now and stop the Fear of Missing Out (aka FOMO). Enjoy the process, try something new and live day to day.

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