Tea review: Adagio Genmai Cha

Roasted brown rice and pieces of popcorn may not be something you’d expect to find in a traditional Japanese green tea, but Genmai Cha is just that. Back in the olden days before refrigeration was a thing, teas didn’t keep as long, so genmai cha was created as a way to make older green tea leaves last longer and go further.

I was originally introduced to this tea by my good friend Clare, who’d bought it at an Asian market. I liked the flavors a lot, and it came in a pack of Japanese tea I ordered from Adagio.


Since this type of green tea has less leaves, it’s pretty low in caffeine, providing calm energy. It is rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and flourine, and may be helpful for those with insomnia, depression and anxiety.

I really love the unique taste of genmai cha. It really stands out in taste from other types of green tea. It is nutty, full and flavorful. The first steep is the most flavorful and was probably my favorite, but it got softer through to the third. This tea is best without milk or sweetener added.

Let me know in the comments below: how do you feel about genmai cha?

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