Review: Yatra Tea Company Glendale First Flush Black Tea

Some black teas are too bitter or strong, some black teas are too caffeinated, but some black teas are just right. Yatra Tea Company’s First Flush from Glendale Estate, SFTGFOP Orthodox production black tea is that kind of tea. It’s smooth, refreshing, and something I could definitely drink on the daily.

IMG_4569 (1)

This tea is very mild. It’s aromatic but has a super soft smell and taste, which I really liked.


To prepare, steep 3-4 minutes with near boiling water. I am hoping to get a new electric tea kettle sometime in the near future that brews water at the right temperature for each type of tea, so if you guys have a certain one you enjoy using, let me know in the comments below!

IMG_4607The tea steeps to a beautiful golden tone. Its flavor is smooth and slightly nutty; mild with the tiniest sweetness and floral essence to it.


I haven’t had much experience with tea grading, which might be surprising since I’ve been a tea blogger for three years now, but since the tea Yatra sent had a grading on it, I decided to do some research. My findings are that SFTGFOP is reserved for the finest teas — which is not surprising, because from the taste, aroma and leaves themselves, I could tell it was of high quality.


Overall, I really enjoyed this smooth black tea. It is probably one of the best I’ve ever had, and I’m really excited to try the other teas Yatra sent me!

Disclaimer: I was sent this tea but was not paid to review it. All opinions are my own.

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