Tea review: Boh Garden Teas Palas Afternoon Tea

This month, BOH tea sent me a four pack of their Cameronian Gold and Garden Teas. I’m super excited to try them and let you guys know how they are 🙂


In today’s post, I’m focusing on the Garden Palas Afternoon Tea, described by Boh as “an orange pekoe ‘a’ leaf tea with a soothing character.” I really love the designs on these tins! They fit the garden theme well with plants and butterflies.


Despite having some caffeine, this tea was very relaxing. Orange pekoe teas have less caffeine than black pekoe, so they aren’t as strong as a black tea, but give a little more of a wake-up than a tisane. The taste is smooth, yet robust, with a strong nuttiness to it.


To prepare this tea, steep with near boiling water 3 to 5 minutes. The flavor of this tea is light, mild and enjoyable, yet slightly aromatic. It’s good for enjoying later in the day as a nice boost and comfort to get through your afternoon.

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite orange pekoe, or have tried this one! Happy steeping and sipping 🙂

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