Minos Teapot set + Adagio Hojicha green

Teapots are such an important part of a tea experience! The right teapot strains the leaves without leaving remnants, while still thoroughly steeping the flavors into the perfect beverage. It’s also nice to have a cute tea pot! Many of mine are very bright or floral, but recently, Minos sent me one to review that I am very excited to add to my collection!


Their stainless steel teaware is beautiful, modern and simplistic, but still really chic. They sent me a 17 ounce teapot, creamer pitcher and sugar bowl with lid — all great for a little solo tea time.


All of the pieces come in really cute gray and light blue boxes.


My favorite item was the teapot, which holds 17 ounces and comes with a nice strainer. I really love the fact that the silicone handle protectors are swappable, and the tea pot also came with a red one and yellow one! The blue is my favorite at the moment, so I will probably keep that one on for a bit.

I don’t really put sugar in my tea, but the sugar bowl they sent me would be really fun for a tea party. I feel like loose leaf tea could be put in it instead. The creamer pitcher is also lovely, and all three items are a matching, smooth stainless steel.

You can order and use code EARLGREY to receive a 15 percent discount of these and other Minos products 🙂


When I tried out this teapot, I made myself a pot of Adagio Hojicha, which came in the Japanese Tea sampler box. This green tea, which Adagio gave me a voucher to purchase couple months ago, is very earthy and full-bodied.


Hojicha should be steeped no longer than 2 minutes. I boiled water and poured it into my Minos teapot to prepare it. The tea steeps to a medium-brown shade.


This bold (and bubbly) green tea is woody with a burnt/toasty flavor, but it leaves a somewhat sweet yet nutty aftertaste. I enjoyed it a lot, but the vegetal Sencha will continue to hold the top spot for green teas in my mind.

Let me know in the comments if you end up trying out this tea pot/set/tea! Note that while I received these products, I was not paid to review them and all opinions are mine.

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