Chicago Chinatown adventures

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through July! 2017 is flying by. I’ve kind of fallen behind on blogging as the past couple of weeks have been really busy! But I wanted to talk about one of my favorite places in Chicago, which I visited with my brother when he was recently in town.


Lately, I’ve really been falling for Chinatown. It’s starting to become one of my go-to areas to visit in the city! I love the food, the teas and treats, and I also really enjoy spending time looking through the stores since they have such unique things at great prices. It’s also just a fun place to be, like taking a journey to some far-off land, while still staying close to home.


I’ve gotten a lot of teaware in Chinatown, so that’s probably the number one thing I like about this part of the city. There is a big selection of tea pots, tea cups and loose leaf/bagged tea available for sale.


The area is also full of cute tea shops where you can get milk tea and bubble tea! This milk tea was from T’Baar.

IMG_2490 Also on the topic of tea, there are tons of green tea desserts to be found in Chinatown! This green tea shaved ice from La Mom Kitchen was awesome!


And of course, can’t forget all of the tasty foods! This mapo tofu from Lao Sze Chaun was super spicy but really delicious. I’ve also been to Slurp Slurp Noodles, which is delicious, Chinatown’s oldest restaurant Won Kow (they have amazing honey almond chicken) and  oldest bakery, Chiu Quon bakery has wonderful green tea cake (spoiler alert: it’s delicious).

If you’ve been to Chinatown in Chicago, let me know your favorite spot there! And if you haven’t been, I hope this post gives you some ideas of places to try. 🙂


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