Review: the French Outpost Red Fruit Tea

Happy Friday! I hope you’re sipping something wonderful while reading this. When visiting the Upper Peninsula, I went into one of my favorite local stores, French Outpost, which carries healthy food items, gifts and supplements. They had a great deal on loose leaf teas that I could not pass up, so I bought a few packs. My favorite so far is the red fruit cocktail tea!

When prepared warm, this tisane reminds me a little of a mulled wine, but when it’s iced, the fruity flavors are super refreshing, almost like a juice, but without the sugar.


Ingredients (from a similar one I saw online, the one I bought didn’t have them listed): Hibiscus, Elderberry, Currants, Black Currant, Red Currant and natural flavoring. I feel like it this has some dried cranberry in it too, because I tasted that flavor. 

I prepared this iced using my tea press from DavidsTea. I just picked this up a couple weeks ago (you can see what else I got in my DavidsTea summer haul video) and I am really glad I did! I’ve already made a ton of iced tea with it. It is super convenient to take on the go (and I feel like I’m always heading out somewhere), which especially wonderful during the very hot summer months.

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